Petra 4 prides itself on its attention to detail and the quality of its products and used materials of the best other producers.


We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty for most of all of our stones, so you can rest assured that your NDS (Natural Docking Stations), NHN (Natural House Numbers), SPN (Specimens) will stand the test of time during normal use. Other electronics items such as cables, Qi chargers and other products except main stone or small specimens especially dedicated in EDUCATION version are covered by their warranty services Warranty and you should refer separately to their use attached in original package.


All of our products as NDS,NHN,SPN are covered by our Lifetime Limited Warranty one – 1 year usually manufacturer’s warranty of other electronics items producers.


However, for the good of our clients, we try to prevent our satisfied client from remaining with the defective product and struggling with the problem of replacement or repair. Please direct any reservations or comments as well as questions to our technical department at Petra 4.

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