At Petra 4, we work tirelessly to improve and provide the best service to our unique customers. Also in the delivery of our products often by our trusted people directly to the customer with full anonymity and discretion.

All delivery options are agreed individually or can be determined with a typical order placement through “BASKET”.

However, due to the unusual nature of our products, most of them should be carefully selected and thought out by the customer – features such as the finish colour of NDS (Natural Docking Stations), NHN (Natural House Numbers), SPN (Specimens) details and packaging, as well as charging and cabling devices to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

We would like our products to be delivered to every corner of the world. Our service delivers to most countries in the world and is dedicated to meeting a variety of shipping needs. We work in conjunction with the most reliable international and domestic couriers to ensure that your package with NDS,NHN,SPN gets to you safe and on time.

Some NDS,NHN,SPN copies must undergo a verification process such as being able to be fitted with electronic components and other as per the customer’s request, therefore Petra 4 reserves the right to immediate availability of the product and thus its shipping, and the process of processing and availability of the chosen NDS,NHN,SPN GALLERY will be agreed each time individually with the customer and delivery time may change. This does not apply to NDS,NHN,SPN products marked as “AVAILABLE” when added to the shopping cart.

All orders will be processed and shipped directly from our company distribution center in Norway.

Please note, these orders may incur customs & duty fees, which the customer is required to pay in order to receive their order.

Some countries apply duties, VAT , or separated fees on shipments received from Norway or European Union countries. You are responsible for any such extra taxes or fees your government applies to get the package delivered. We in Petra 4 will do the best we can to provide the best international shipping experience possible, but much of the process is out of our control, and is in the control of your countries’ officials and mail systems.

Orders are processed Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 15 PM (local time in Europe). Orders placed after 10 AM on Friday (local European time ) will be processed next working day.


The type, quantity, and weight of your package may vary, and as such, cost may vary. Shipping costs also vary depending on your location and desired shipping speed. To get a shipping quotation, please add your selected items to your shopping cart, and enter your shipping address in the checkout page

The product price and all shipping costs are detailed also on the invoice attached to the goods. (unless the client wishes otherwise).

Most standard shipments are sent through several carriers and postal service providers. Packages usually reach their destination in from 1 to two week in Europe, but occasionally take longer. Due to the characteristics of the product and depending on the type of carrier, we recommend that each package should be insured for shipment and tracking option. 

All shipping options can be agreed with us individually. 

In addition, we recommend especially the more expensive NDS,NHN,SPN Petra 4 copies should be provided by private carriers and covered by special insurance.

Most standard shipments sent from Europe are shipped through several carriers and postal services providers, but are handed off to your local mail carrier once it arrives in the destination country.

Orders typically take 1-2 weeks to reach international destinations, but can sometimes take as long as 4-6 weeks or more for some destinations.

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