* ** ***NDS (Natural Docking Station), * ** ***NHN (Natural House Numbers), * ** ***SPN (Specimens) is a safe device/product, but due to the possibility of having sharp edges, considerable weight, the possibility of having small parts and the use of advanced electronics, it is not suitable for play or use by children or other people unaware of their purpose

 Please note: Petra 4 is not responsible for incorrect usage of NDS,NHN,SPN


In order to complete the satisfaction of the lucky buyer of the only NDS,NHN,SPN specimen in the world, we try to provide all technical and teaching assistance, as well as a lifetime guarantee for the elements made by us and specially prepared specimens.

We work with the best specialists in several fields of science, technology, didactics and many others


*Installation of charging cables(or other connection cables NHN or SPN ) by the user is very easy, but at the customer’s request, after choosing the right plug / smartphone model, we can send ready-to-use NDS, choosing light or backlight color type in NHN or SPN


**Despite all efforts to customer satisfaction, we are not responsible for the hidden defects of electronic devices, improper use / connection by the purchaser and use not in line with the intended purpose of electronic devices (all technical specifications of electronic devices such as QI wireless chargers or cabling supplied with our product in original packaging from manufacturers – it is included in the NDS,NHN,SPN


***It is possible to buy separate decorative elements, as well as send back NDS,NHN,SPN for modification after prior consultation with our technical department

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