Natural Docking Stations

Application of the most exquisite, highly selected and approved by specialists stone and mineral specimens, along with the most advanced technology and what is crucial - hand made not only with meticulousness but also with heart put into every single product - turned out magnificent...

The Most Impressive Charging Stations For Mobile Phone In The World !

Besides the aesthetic value, inimitable beauty and the nature of stone itself, the NDS is also extremely long-lasting, steady and durable as a whole Innovative, unique, universal in applications, solid and aesthetic in performance.

Elements of stone armament - such as heads, legs and others were made of special high-grade stainless steels, particularly resistant to physical and chemical factors.

Therefore, they are not problematic in everyday use, in any conditions, contacted with any chemical substance and even more so undergoing routine care with clean water is not a threat to them.

The electronics used in NDS are based on the highest technological standards achieved by the world's largest producers in this field and are subjected to constant modification from the necessity of various applications and the development of technology

From the traditional connection of devices by means of a cable, wireless qi charging, or the use of gps modules or cameras in order to maximally protect precious items or other elements desired by the user, which may be e.g. usb switchboards, power banks or other more sophisticated applications

Each stone is unusually exquisite thus remains exclusive element of interior design in any space, especially the ones which are unconventionally coloured, have gemstones, semiprecious gems or indigenous metals like native gold or silver

Each specimen is carefully selected stone, in its natural state, has always been, and forever will be associated with something firm, indestructible and beautiful with its irregular shape therefore it gives thee owner the feeling of possessing strength, prestige as well as the power

Having used natural value we did our best to perfectly unite it with modern world of technology​

This way we obtained this spectacular effect, which gave us the idea of creating such product Certain specimens, especially the ones which are gifted with precious gemstones, metals or unique embellishments can be provided with additional functions such as alarm systems, silent notifications, mini cameras OR GPS

Moreover, all of them have its own serial number, located on the elements of the product as well as in the system, what prevents it from being replicated by unauthorized producers.

For further information or help, we offer lifetime support and non-limited service


Each stone was analysed, deeply scanned and subjected to a time consuming process of cleaning before being put into service

To create a ready-to-use product, we had used advanced laser technology, required to professional metalwork, diamond core stone cutters and other high tech industrial treatment

What deserves to be mentioned, is the fact that expensive and precise diamond tools, that are not generally available, have to be adapted to the particular part of preparation process. Majority of stones have a tough structure, however at the same time are highly brittle

To ensure safety, the process requires huge workload, patience and knowing key issues in the field of geology, gemmology, metalworking and many other fields of science

We do not improve nature!

Since the moment of acquiring the stone - regardless if it is purchased from a mine, a stone-pit, a third party or companies professionally engaged in this subject - every single specimen is put under scrupulous physico-chemical research that aims to get essential knowledge on it

Specimens, that in any possible way endanger humans or living organisms safety will not be used for further stages of production.

Sharp edged stones will be admissible due to the main idea of this project

In order to maximize customer satisfaction, we also try to custom-make their own NDS from entrusted stone, types of metal materials as well as applications, while ensuring complete Anonymity and discretion It

Is with great pleasure that we would like to invite you to our gallery in order to get acquainted with the exhibition, which is constantly being expanded with new copies, as well as we expect direct contact with satisfaction

Having used mentioned qualities, together with ability to harness equally exquisite fine wood packaging, luxuriously padded with dedicated and individually selected fabrics on the basis of their colour

We offer an extraordinary gift available for everyone Used in any possible way, it gives the owner a feeling of prestige, confidence and beauty as well as brings the twinge of elegance to any room it is placed in

Apart from the products offered in our gallery, there is also a possibility of making a personalized one, using a stone delivered by its owner
In order to use this type of solution, it needs to be previously researched and subjected to a verification process

Such procedure gives the idea of possible industrial treatment the stone can be put under

There will be made every effort in order to fulfill client satisfaction

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